Warning Signs of Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Elective cosmetic surgery can come with a rather hefty price tag, but many people assert that you can't put a price tag on self-confidence. When you have the ability to eliminate the one flaw that has always held you back, you might not feel like a whole new woman, but you certainly can feel like a much better one.

The Real Life Barbie
In some cases, however, one surgery leads to another, which leads to even more. Eventually, one does wind up feeling like a different person entirely.

British mother of three Sarah Burge, 48, has undergone 27 cosmetic procedures and now says on her official website, Real Life Barbie, that she is "more plastic than Barbie … and I love it!" Burge has taken her cosmetic transformation and turned it into a money-making endeavor - not only does she undergo procedures, she serves as a consultant for those seeking skin peels, collagen and non-surgical face-lifts.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Cosmetic surgery can serve as an expensive and dangerous option for people who become obsessed with the idea of fixing any possible flaws - even those that are imaginary.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental illness also known as imagined ugliness. It's just that - a person sees physical flaws that either too slight or nonexistent for anyone else to notice, but she imagines the flaw to be so significant that it must be fixed.

With the increased availability of cosmetic surgery, those who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder can become repeat customers, getting rushes from every Botox treatment or operation.

Warning Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder
If you or a loved one demonstrates the following traits, body dysmorphic disorder might be at the root of these issues:

  • Obsession with physical appearance
  • Either frequently looking in mirrors, avoiding or covering up mirrors
  • Excessively brushing, plucking, waxing or otherwise grooming hair
  • Frequent cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Refusal to partake in social situations because the person doesn't look right
  • Imagined flaws
  • Refusal to pose in photographs

If You See Symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental condition that can, untreated, intensify and lead to serious health risks, depression and suicide. If you note symptoms of this disorder, a health professional should be consulted quickly.

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