Risks of Plastic Surgery

The risks of plastic surgery are real, yet millions choose elective cosmetic surgery each year to enhance, minimize or otherwise manipulate the body, despite certain risks. While everything from tummy tucks to breast enhancements are considered routine, these procedures are still surgical and carry the risks of any surgery.

General Surgery Risks
Any surgery comes with risks, whether plastic surgery or not. Complications from anesthesia, while rare, include heart palpitations, blood clots, drop in blood pressure, brain damage, strokes or paralysis. Skilled anesthesiologists will keep risks to a minimum, but complications can occur, no matter how small the procedure or how careful the medical team.

Appearance Issues
Plastic surgery requires adjusting the skin and tissues in various ways, from nose jobs to liposuction. Problems with the procedures could result in dimples, irregularities, puckers and even asymmetry. Scarring is a natural part of plastic surgery and skilled doctors will try to minimize scarring, but scar tissue to some degree or other will result.

Necrosis and Seroma
Known as skin death, necrosis occurs with some plastic surgery. It causes the flesh to break down and cells to die. It is a result of severe infection or inflammation. With seroma, pockets of fluids gathers in the surgical areas due to inflammation from damaged cells. They are frequently associated with breast augmentation and reduction surgery and are some of the more serious dangers of plastic surgery.

When there is bleeding under the skin from an incision that was not sealed properly or the patient reopens part of the incision, a pool of blood can form, causing a hematoma. If the area is not drained, infection can result.

Nerve Damage
Damaged nerves are also a common risk with plastic surgery. Numbness, stinging and itching are also common, but fade after time. Permanent nerve damage is also a possibility.

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