Questions to Ask About Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery

Asking the right questions of your Lasik eye surgeon before having corrective eye surgery can go a long way toward easing any anxiety you might have. Consider asking your surgeon these questions before committing to him or her or a surgery date:

How many Lasik eye surgeries have you performed? How many in the last 12 months?
Choosing a Lasik eye surgeon with extensive experience makes most people more comfortable with the Lasik procedure. For optimal results, choose a Lasik eye surgeon who makes the procedure a major part of his practice, or go to one of the Lasik eye surgery centers that specialize only in Lasik surgery. Look for a Lasik eye surgeon that has performed at least 250 procedures in the past 12 months, or more than a thousand in total, to be sure you're getting an experienced professional.

What techniques are you qualified to perform?
Most Lasik patients benefit by choosing one of the one-stop Lasik eye surgery centers, with Lasik eye surgeons qualified to perform multiple procedures and enhancements. It's good to choose a Lasik eye surgeon that uses multiple techniques, as this surgeon is more likely to choose the exact procedure that's right for your eyes. If you choose a Lasik eye surgeon that only knows how to perform one or two procedures, you might miss out on getting a procedure that's better for your eyes. Additionally, Lasik eye surgeries sometimes require enhancements down the road, so it's a good idea to choose a Lasik eye surgeon capable of performing those enhancements.

How often do you calibrate your laser?
A well-calibrated laser is an essential tool for a good Lasik eye surgeon, so look for Lasik eye surgery centers that calibrate their lasers frequently. Some professional facilities calibrate their lasers between every procedure, while others only calibrate once every three or four procedures. Avoid Lasik eye surgery centers where the laser is calibrated less frequently, as it may not be accurate enough to ensure the results you want.

What is your success rate? Do you provide patient testimonials or references?
You want a Lasik eye surgeon with a high success rate. Ask how many patients attain 20/20 vision, and how frequently patients return for enhancements. A Lasik eye surgeon that's willing to offer references is a great choice, as you can speak with former patients about the procedure and whether they would have chosen one of the other Lasik eye surgery centers in retrospect.

What does the cost of the procedure cover?
Find out what's included in the Lasik eye surgery prices, and whether the cost of the procedure covers pre-surgery and post-surgery follow up visits with your Lasik eye surgeon, and whether it covers enhancements down the road if you don't achieve the results you want. Cost should not be the deciding factor, but make sure you know what you're getting with your Lasik eye surgeon.

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