All About Tattoo Removal

Not long ago, everyone knew that a tattoo was permanent. That permanence is, in fact, part of the reason people get tattoos. Yet while it is possible to get tattoos removed, it is not a simple, fun or inexpensive process-so for most people the permanency of tattoos remains.

The simplest, easiest and still most common way to remove a tattoo is not to remove it at all but to cover it. This larger tattoo will cover the other in some way. While not technically tattoo removal, the new design can remove the embarrassment of explaining a tattoo that you no longer wish people to see. Also, it doesn't require a doctor.

In the past there were three common ways of removing a tattoo. Each of them was painful, created scars and was limited in effectiveness. The first of these is dermabrasion, which is most simply described as sanding the tattoo off. This also requires sanding off a considerable amount of skin. The second is cryosurgery, which involves first freezing the tattoo and then removing it. The final is extraction. With extraction a doctor cuts away the skin with the tattoo and sews up the wound.

Luckily, none of these methods are required any longer. In nearly all cases of modern tattoo removal, lasers are used. In laser tattoo removal, light precise frequencies is shot into the skin. It goes through the skin and causes the pigment to break apart so that the immune system removes the pigment. This will usually take several treatments and can cause blisters and some discomfort, but it isn't generally much worse than getting a tattoo-except to the wallet, as laser removal costs far more than getting a tattoo. The procedure carries with it a small risk that scars will remain, but those scars are generally less noticeable than the tattoo.

Though tattoo removal has improved considerably in recent years, the best choice is still to think carefully about any tattoo you might get and not to get a tattoo that you may want removed.

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