Design Your Own Tattoo

If you want to design your own tattoo, know that it takes more than just drawing a pretty picture. There are some rules and tips you want to keep in mind to guarantee that your tattoo design looks as good on skin as it does on paper.

Design Your Own Tattoo Colors
Permanent tattoos come in two distinct categories; black and white or colored. Black and white tattoos lean towards outlines with light shading. The black is usually used as the outline, with softer hues of grey used for shading. Colored tattoos can be outlines or full pictures. The color combinations need to be picked carefully, though, to guarantee the best looking results.

Designing Your Own Tattoo Symbols
Unless you plan on doing the tattoo yourself, you're going to need a picture of what you want to show the tattoo artist. You may draw the picture yourself, or have the tattoo artist sketch out the picture to your specifications. However you get it done, having the tattoo on paper is an important part of the design process. The tattoo artist will need time to practice the art or make a stencil before they tattoo it into skin.

When you're designing your own tattoo, remember that too much detail will end up looking crowded and dull. The skin only allows to much flat area for detail and will mostly appear curved. Any design that cannot translate into the natural curve will look terrible as a tattoo.

Testing Your Tattoo Design
Before you want to even think of getting your own tattoo design permanently placed on your skin, you need to make sure you will actually like the way it looks. Have the tattoo artist use temporary tattoo paint or even fine markers to create a non permanent sketch of your tattoo on your skin. Live with the sketch for a few days to decide how you truly feel about it. Once you've decided you like the design, you can go and get the permanent work done. 

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