What Do Tattoo Tears Mean

What do tattoo tears mean? Specifically, it depends on the person and the tear tattoo in question. Generally, it means it's a reminder of something sad. Tears, obviously, are signs of sadness that pour forth when we are upset emotionally or physically. Tattoo tears are no exception, and are in fact an obvious statement of deep sorrow.

Origin of Tattoo Tears
The most likely birthplace of tattoo tears is prison, as prisoners are often seen with such body art. Inside a prison there can be ample amounts of sadness. Some random person, possibly a prisoner, probably started the whole trend by doing a homemade tattoo representing something he was upset about. Whoever the first person actually was, tattoo tears have definitely become trendy.

What Do Tattoo Tears Mean?
Historically, a tear tattoo on a prisoner meant they had killed someone. The more tears they had, the more people they have killed. A tear tattoo on a non-prisoner meant they lost someone. These days it can mean anything from gang affiliation to loss of a loved one. Prisoners to rappers, socialites to social workers - anybody can sport tattoo tears.

There really is no definitive book that tells you what a tattoo must or must not represent, and something as personal as a tear falls heavily into that undefined category. Like all tattoos, it's the personal meaning that matters most. However, there are a few tattoo tear customs that are catching on and may signify a certain meaning.

Generally, a tear tattoo outline means that a loved one has been killed. The person may have died by murder or by accident, but the death was not of natural origins. A tear tattoo that's colored in means a loved one was killed and vengeance was achieved in their honor. 

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