What Does a Tattoo Feel Like

Before you take the leap, you're probably asking yourself, "What does a tattoo feel like?" How much does it really hurt? Once you start, will you be able to keep going? Does it matter where you get the tattoo? Here are the answers to a question that you'd like to have answered well before you settle into a chair to get inked.

Do Tattoos Hurt?
Whether or not a tattoo hurts depends on who you ask and where you get the tattoo. But let's face it-you are going to feel it when you are getting tattooed. A needle will be touching and poking into your skin the entire time you are getting inked.

It might be surprising to find that many people actually like the sensation. There people love the feeling of getting tattoos and continually go back for more-people refer to the fact that they become addicted to the rush and the sensation of the needle and the process.

If you're not sure about your pain threshold, consider getting your first tattoo in a spot that won't hurt as much as other. Fleshier areas will hurt less while being tattooed, so consider a design for the outer arm or lower back, instead of the top of your foot or ankle.  

What Does a Tattoo Feel Like?
Again, everyone has a different experience, but here are a few ways people with tattoos answer this question. Among some of the more common responses:

  • It feels like the tattoo artist is pushing in a pin and then dragging it across your skin.
  • Getting a tattoo feels like someone is scratching you in an annoying way, but it's not painful.
  • The worst part was the itching that happened in the days after the tattoo.
  • You'll feel like someone is hitting your sunburned skin.
  • Mini electric shocks.
  • The first few seconds were the worst.
  • Tattoos feel like a cat is scratching you.
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