What Is the Least Painful Area to Get a Tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo pain is one of the factors that tends to scare people off. Everyone's perception of pain is different, so the answer to "does it hurt?" will likely be different every time. One of the things that can affect how painful a tattoo is, however, is the area where you get it. Try to stick to one of the least painful areas to get a tattoo if you are afraid of the pain, especially for your first time.

Fleshy areas

Many ink-lovers testify that the more fleshy an area is, with more muscle and fat, the less it hurts to get a tattoo there. This rule of thumb doesn't mean you won't feel a thing, but it can save you some of the hardcore pain you might experience if you were to tattoo a thinner or more bony area. Some of the most popular, fleshier areas to get a tattoo include:

  • Upper, outer arms
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

Non-ticklish areas

Another idea to remember when choosing a tattoo location is that the more ticklish an area is, the more nerve endings are there. Ticklish locations like the feet, neck, inner and under arms, ribs and genitals tend to be extremely painful to tattoo. Many of the least painful areas to get a tattoo are some of the least ticklish as well. These areas can include:

  • Upper back and shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Calves

Choose your location wisely

A popular expression among tattoo artists goes "If you truly want the tattoo, it won't hurt.' This is true to an extent. The most important factor of all when it comes to choosing an area for a tattoo is to choose the spot you want. If you've been wanting a design for months or years chances are you will be so excited that the pain won't even bother you.

Tattoos are permanent, so it is important to make sure everything about your ink is just as you envisioned it. If you find out that the spot you want your tattoo might be more painful than other spots, think about whether it might be worth it to endure a little bit of pain in order to get it where you truly want it.

Try a test run

Some tattoo artists will allow you to have a "test run" where they run the tattoo needle over your skin in certain areas without any ink on it. Only certain artists do this, but it is worth asking if you are really concerned about the pain.

Your artist has likely seen the reactions of tons of people while under the needle, so don't be afraid to consult them about what they consider to be less painful areas to get a tattoo. If you have a certain area in mind they may be able to suggest a similar or nearby area that is less painful.

The pain of getting a tattoo is only temporary, but improper care can leave you with a messed up tattoo or a painful infection that lasts much longer. No matter what area you get your tattoo in, be sure to follow all aftercare instructions and keep it clean while it is healing.

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