What Is the Most Painful Area to Get a Tattoo

What is the most painful area to get a tattoo? A tat on your ankle is going to feel very differently from the small of your back-there are some areas that are more sensitive to the sensation of a tattoo needle than others. Unless you're a person who doesn't mind pain, getting a tattoo is going to hurt a least a little, but if you don't want it to hurt a lot, avoid these painful tat spots.

Eyebrows and Lips
While many people choose eyebrows and lips as popular piercing spots, these spots on the body are also known for their permanent makeup potential. These are locations that feature many nerve endings, however, which means that the procedure can be very painful. Many people weigh the pros and cons, deciding whether a perfect and permanent eyebrow arch is worth the tattoo process.

Down There
Only the brave should attempt a tat below the belt. Again, there are plenty of nerve endings there, normally reserved for pleasure, not pain. That said, tattoo artists are often asked whether they are willing to tattoo pubic areas or genitals. The answer will vary, depending on the particular artist, but in terms of the actual act of being tattooed there, it can be done.

Top of Foot or Ankle
While a tiny star on the ankle or a pretty design you can see when wearing sandals often sounds great to women, they might be surprised that it's a pretty painful spot to get a tattoo. With little to no fat in the area, you'll feel the experience a whole lot more.

Upper Chest
If you get a tattoo above your rib cage, get ready to wince. You don't have a lot of extra fat for padding here, which means you will feel the pain.

Behind Your Ear
Having a secret tat behind your ear, one that most people will never see, can be fun and even sexy. The feeling you'll experience while getting it, however, is neither. The area is nothing more than nerves, skin and bone. 

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