What Are the Best Teeth Whiteners

White teeth seem to be a current obsession for most Americans. Whether man or woman, people are turning to drugstore teeth whiteners to remove stains and boost confidence. Compared to dental costs, at-home whiteners are cost-effective and easy to use, but are they the best teeth whiteners? There are hundreds of whiteners on the market that promise a brilliant and vivid smile, but which one should you spend your money on? The prices of these products range from $25 to $200 and are available at almost every store, including the beauty chain, Sephora. Believe it or not, some products actually do work better than others--and they won't set you back a few hundred dollars.

Before the market was clustered and crowded with whiteners, Crest Classic Strips were the first to offer an alternative to a dentist. Since their introduction, the price has stayed relatively the same. These classic strips will set you back about $25, but the results will last you at least six months. They are simple to use, but the results vary. The user wears a new pair for 30 minutes, twice a day. The whole process will take 14 days, longer than any other product currently on the market. The results, however, are unlike any other whitening strips or gels found on your local shelves. Teeth are noticeably whiter, the results last a while, and the overall process is fairly cheap.

The next set of whiteners on the market are paint-on gels. These gels are not worth the time or effort they require for optimal use. The gels require the user to paint a thin coating on the bottom and top teeth. The problem? The gel gets wet, fades before the time is up, and doesn't really produce desired results. It may work on one portion of the tooth, but not another. Of course many teeth gels are reasonably priced. They usually run about $8 or $9, but they are a waste of time and money.

Finally, the most expensive product on the market is the GoSMILE product available at the makeup retailer Sephora. There are a variety of kits that range from $99 to $200. The results are said to last for a year, but the user must purchase maintenance packs. The GoSMILE system requires the user to crack a small glass tube and rub the product on the teeth in a circular motion. Overall, users have found the GoSMILE system to be expensive and disappointing.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, be sure to try the most cost-effective options first. For $25, the Crest Classic Strips provided a whiter smile. If you find yourself inclined to splurge, try the $40 Crest strips that cut the whitening time in half. Additionally, avoid a product like GoSMILE that offers a white smile at a high price, but fails to deliver. Finally, remember not to try too many products at once. Using one product after another will weaken the enamel on your teeth and promote sensitivity.

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As many consumers head towards their favorite drugstore to purchase teeth whitening products, they may wonder if these products really work and if they will be able to achieve the same results as the advertised models.

The quest for a white smile blindly leads many people onto a journey that ends with a smile much too bright.

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If you're looking for that Hollywood smile without that Hollywood price, it may be time to learn about homemade teeth whitener. 

Despite the hype, teeth whitening products do help make you look younger by giving you a much healthier looking smile. Of course, like any popular product, there are now mountains of items all promising you a perfect, white smile.

Who doesn't want a brighter, more beautiful smile? Often it's the one thing that's remembered; more than anything else about a person. First impressions can be very important, after all.

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