Get Rid of Warts on Your Feet

Warts on your feet can be bothersome and quite painful. The pressure applied to the wart by walking on it can cause so much pain that it may become unbearable. Here are some ways to get rid of warts on your feet.

Home remedy to get rid of warts

Plantar warts are rough and flat with distinct edges. They are either the same color as the skin or a slightly brownish color. They have small black spots in the center.

Soak the foot in warm water for roughly 10 minutes. Remove the foot from the water and dry thoroughly. With the edge of a metal fingernail file or a regular kitchen knife, gently scrape the top layer of skin off of the wart.

Once the top layer of skin is removed, it will be easy to see the small black spots. With a sharp needle, loosen the skin around the black spot. Use tweezers, and pull the black spot out. These are actually seeds.

Continue to remove each black spot from the wart. When you can no longer see any black spots, cover the wart with a bandage. If you were successful in removing all of the black spots, the wart will disappear in a couple of days. If the wart is still there, repeat the process.

Duct tape is another home remedy that people often recommend. Simply apply duct tape to the wart and wear it during the day. Remove the tape at night. Do this every day until the wart goes away. It may take up to three months to see results.

Freeze the warts

A doctor can freeze the warts with liquid nitrogen. The doctor will normally schedule four treatments a couple of weeks apart. This method may leave some scarring and other related damage. Freezing has a 75 percent success rate and usually takes approximately eight weeks.


The doctor can prescribe an acidic solution that will burn the warts off. The wart must be soaked in warm water for five minutes before the solution is applied. Apply the solution every day.

Soak the wart in warm water every three or four days. Use an emery board or a pumice stone on the wart to remove any dead tissue. Continue this procedure for three months. The success rate is approximately 75 percent.

Over-the-counter medications

There are some over-the-counter medications that work on some warts. Most of these treatments are similar to the acid and freezing treatments that doctors use. Talk with the pharmacist about which remedy is likely to work best in your situation.

Minor surgery

Doctors do not normally recommend minor surgery until all other methods of wart removal have been tried. The wart tissue is either destroyed with an electric needle or cut out with a knife. This method can leave scars.

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