Do Eyelashes Grow Back

Do eyelashes grow back? The answer is yes, no, sometimes and maybe. Like all hair, eyelashes are constantly growing, breaking, shedding and re-growing. It's an endless cycle. Under normal circumstances, eyelashes are always growing back. However, if they sustain enough trauma, your eyelashes may be gone for good.

Eyelash Trauma
There are many different types of trauma a poor eyelash may have to endure: rubbing, breaking, pulling, lacquering, curling and cleaning. Eyelashes can be burned by heat or chemicals. They can be susceptible to cold and wind. Over all, eyelashes have to put up with a lot for such delicate hair.

Most eyelash trauma is temporary and the eyelashes will eventually grow back. However, if you repeatedly pluck, cut or burn your eyelashes over a long period of time, they may be gone forever. There are also different genetic disorders, illnesses and medical treatments that may cause you're eyelash to be gone for good.

Eyelash Care
The key to getting your eyelashes to grow back is proper eyelash care. The lash needs to be nurtured and taken care of to grow to its full potential. Just like any hair, an eyelash needs to remain moisturized and hydrated to stay healthy. It needs to be properly cleaned and treated gently to stay healthy as well.

  • Using mascara with eyelash conditioner helps keep your eyelashes moisturized and healthy. If you really want your eyelashes to be healthy, consider using some petroleum jelly. Brush the jelly over your clean lashes before your go to bed so that they hydrate overnight.
  •  Gently removing mascara and any other eye makeup before you go to bed helps keep your eyelashes clean and healthy. By keeping your lashes clean, you help prevent mites that can burrow into pours and cause lashes to fall out. Make sure to use a non-alcohol makeup remover, because any alcohol will dry out and damage your lashes.
  • Refrain from rubbing or scratching your eyes. This harsh motion can cause delicate lashes to break or fall out. Curling your eyelashes can also make them more likely to break or fall out.
  • Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet to help promote and boost healthy eyelash growth. If your body is starving for vitamins and minerals, your eyelashes will end up growing slower and thinner than they should. 
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