How to Promote Healthy Eyelash Growth

Eyelash growth is a hot topic for most women. Growing long, luscious lashes is considered a basic element of beauty. In fact, women spend millions each year on fancy eyelash products, all with the aim of making lashes thicker and longer.

You don't need a special potion to achieve lovely lashes, you just need to take proper care of this delicate hair. Remember, though, genetics also play a part, and your eyelashes will only grow to a certain length no matter what you try. But with the right care, you can get your lashes to achieve their full potential.

Be Gentle
The first step towards promoting healthy eyelash growth is to treat your eyelashes gently. Avoid rubbing or scratching them because your eye itches. The friction can cause eyelashes to become loose and fall out. If you're applying or removing makeup, be sure to use gentle products that help nourish your lashes. Never scrub your lashes to remove mascara, you'll only damage them.

Be Clean
Never leave eye makeup on overnight, especially mascara. The chemicals in cosmetics can cause damage to healthy lashes, so the longer you wear the chemical, the more damage it can do. By removing mascara at the end of the day, you're giving your lashes a refreshing cleansing and giving them a chance to heal before they're coated again.

Eyelashes are just like any other strand of hair on your body, they grow dry and brittle if they're not properly hydrated. To keep the lashes healthy, so they grow long and full, you need to keep them moisturized. This means not only using moisturizing mascara and eye makeup remover, but actually taking time to hydrate your lashes.

To moisturize your eyelashes, you need to start with gentle oil that won't irritate your eyes. Petroleum jelly and olive oil are two handy products that you probably already own. Use an eyelash brush to gently coat your lashes with the hydrating product before you go to bed. The oils will soak into the lashes during the night, leaving them shiny and healthy each morning.

Eat Right
What you put in your body always effects how well your body functions. From general health to hair growth, you need to keep yourself in the best condition for the best results. Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals will help your eyelashes grow stronger. Drinking enough water will help keep them hydrated. All this will promote lovelier lashes that are less prone to breakage.  

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