Liquid vs Pencil Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is a great way to enhance your eyes but which eyeliner styles deliver the best results--liquid or pencil?

Regardless of the type of eyeliner you use, it should always be applied to the outer rim of the eyelid, not the inner. Lining the inner lid irritates the eye, can cause possible infection, smears easily and looks odd. Lining the rim of the eyelid helps the color last  longer, protects your eyes and makes them look bigger.

Liquid eyeliner is the longest lasting eyeliner, but prone to smudging when applied. Always approach the task of using an eyeliner pen carefully. Pull your eye slightly taut by placing a finger at your temple and pushing the skin back. Close one eye and make sure not to squint or wrinkle your eyelid. 

Start the liquid eyeliner right before the inner corner of the eye. Sweep the eyeliner from inner to outer eye in one fluid motion. Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds to let the liquid eyeliner dry. Repeat process with other eye. To line the lower lid, repeat the same steps as the upper lid. Just remember to keep your eyes looking upward until the liquid eyeliner dries.

Application techniques are much more versatile when you use an eyeliner pencil. You can start at the inner eye and sweep the line to the outer eye. You can also start mid-eye and sweep outward, then go to the inner eye and sweep to the middle. Use the same technique to line as much of the lower lid as you want.

Once you have your upper and lower lids lined with eyeliner, it's time to do a tiny bit of smudging. Smooth and blend your eyeliner line with a fingertip or cotton swab to help make the makeup appear more natural and subtle. The option to soften the line is the biggest advantage eyeliner pencils hold over eyeliner pens. 

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Big, black circles around your eyes went out of fashion with ancient Egypt. Today, when applying eyeliner, you should keep it on the slightly natural side, no matter the color, shape or amount used.

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