Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Not only will eyeshadow lend a touch of color to an otherwise bleak appearance, using it creates more expressive eyes. Women with blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin can count themselves fortunate. Eyeshadow for blue eyes is available in a wide variety of colors.

Applying eyeshadow for blue eyes

Depending on the color of your outfit, choose from warm brown or peach, cool grey, ice blue, mysterious green or innocent pink. With all of these colors, remember to dust your eyelid with a pale shade first before applying a deeper color near the eyelashes. Technique does matter.

Warm browns

To lend your eyes a touch of warmth, choose ivory, taupe, copper, rust, bronze or chocolate brown. For daytime makeup apply your eyeshadow with a feathery hand. Better to give two light coats than one dark one. When it comes to eyeshadow, less is more.

Mysterious greens

Just look at a cat's green eyes to see how beautiful and full of mystery they are. The darker the green, the more expressive your eyes will be. Eyeshadow preference should be given to smoky shades. Even though grass and moss green look beautiful on Mother Nature, for your eyes it might be a tad too green. Keep the color you choose natural.

Cool greys

Use caution when choosing grey eyeshadow for your eyes. While a light grey will give your eyes a cool look, with a darker shade you risk looking like a raccoon. Cute as they are, for human eyes it's not a flattering look. On the other hand, if you want a gothic look, dark grey is the way to go.

Warm peach

Whether wearing a sweater or a silk blouse, using a peach shade on its own or in combination with soft brown creates instant warmth around blue eyes. Pay attention to the shade because there's a world of difference between peach and orange.

Innocent pink

Give your eyes a young and innocent look with shades of pink. Use by itself for daytime use, or in combination with grey or lilac for an evening out when the lights are low.

Ice blue

Shades of blue were popular in the '60s but have all but gone out of style. Blue eyeshadow might be the obvious choice for blue eyes, but the effect is rather the opposite. Blue eyeshadow on blue eyes can drain their sparkle creating the "too much of a good thing" effect.

Eyeshadow for the lower lid

If you don't have a steady hand, or if you're not a fan of an eye pencil, eyeshadow can also be used on the lower eyelid. Not only will a thin line of color define your eyes, using it helps to absorb moisture. When you apply mascara on your bottom eyelash, the liquid is less likely to run when your skin starts to perspire.

Enjoy the versatility of eyeshadow for blue eyes. Coordinate with the color of whatever outfit you're wearing or go for a little contrast. If you keep in mind that less is more, your makeup will look polished and will enhance your overall appearance.

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