How to Get Smokey Eye Makeup Done Right

Learning to apply smokey eye makeup takes a little practice, but this sexy look will boost your confidence when you steal a sideways glance at the one you love. So just how do you achieve that sultry look? It's a simply step-by-step process. Follow closely and you'll become an expert at the ever-so-sexy bedroom eyes look.

Use a dark pencil around the rim of the eye.
Don't skimp, you need plenty of color for smudging. Use a brush to blend and smudge it in, until it looks like a dark stain.

Next up: a dark brown eye shadow.
Blend it in right on top of the black pencil you just used.

Lighter shadow comes next.
For this step, use a soft, fluffy, tapered bush and a lighter eye shadow. Blend the lighter shadow right into the dark brown layer and then move up the lid with the lighter shadow. The secret is to blend, blend, blend. The darkest colors stay at the last line and then gradually get lighter as you move up the lid.   

Bring on the mascara.
With the bedroom eye look, you need plenty of mascara. Load up both upper and lower lashes with at least two coats and then separate the lashes with a lash comb. This will emphasize your sexy eyes and bring that bedroom look all together.

You may need a bit of practice to get this look just right. It's all about the blending and the smudging with bedroom eyes, so don't wait until the big night to try out this look. With a bit of practice, you will be able to create a sexy bedroom eyes look in just minutes. Remember, though: bedroom eyes can be dangerous! Be ready for a strong response.

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