Tips for Applying Cream Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow in cream form might initially seem like a foreign makeup medium, but once you experiment a few times, you'll realize this is one of the easiest forms of shadow to apply.

When you put on a cream eye shadow, always use your fingers-there's no need to have a big collection of brushes. Because of the creamy nature of the product, the heat from your fingers will help the formula blend and go on smoothly. If you ever have trouble with the smoothness factor, you can apply a layer of foundation on your eye lid first, priming your skin for the shadow to come. One nice thing about cream or cream-to-powder eye shadow is that you can blend colors easily and flawlessly. Simply layer one hue over the other and use your fingers to blend until you have the desired result.

Even though mixing and layering of shadow colors is a definite do, mixing and layering a cream over a powder is a total don't. If you put a cream on top of a powder, you'll end up with a bumpy and uneven mess. Switch it around to put the cream on first and the powder second, however, and you've got a beautiful look. The cream base will help your powder shadow pop and last all day. Just be sure to apply the powder shadow immediately after the cream so it doesn't have a chance to dry out.

Cream shadows in very light or neutral shades, such as a sheer shimmering gold, also work well to highlight areas. Use it on the brow bone or at the corners of your eyes to spice up your look.

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