Get the Most Out of Your Lip Gloss

When you are applying your daily makeup, don't forget to add a final coat of lip gloss to get that noticeable, kissable shine that adds glamour to your look. Lip gloss gives a high shine to your perfect pout and leaves you looking fabulous.
What Is in Lip Gloss?
Lip gloss is usually purchased in the form of a gel, with a sponge-tipped applicator. You can also purchase lip gloss in little pots and smooth it on with your fingertip. It is becoming more popular to be able to find it in a traditional lip gloss tube, like lipstick.
Many girls first fall in love with fruity lip gloss during their pre-teen or teen years. It is often the first type of cosmetics that young girls can get permission to wear. But what exactly is lip gloss? What gives it the high shine? Why do some lip glosses feel shiny and smooth and others feel sticky?
Lip gloss is typically made from a base of vegetable or mineral oil, hydrocarbons or a by-product of lanolin. This type of ingredient provides the shine and the softness. Waxes or clays are then added to thicken up the base so it stays put and doesn't simply drip right off. Some gloss is left clear, or a dye or an iron oxide is added for a range of colors. Often, mica is added for sparkle and glitter. Finally, a control agent is used to keep the product combined and stable. These agents are usually preservatives and anti-oxidants or a pH adjustor. Some lip glosses also contain a sunscreen product.
How to Choose a Lip Gloss
When choosing a lip gloss, your first consideration is whether or not you want color. Lip gloss comes in a variety of shades that can add a hint of color to your look or you can use a clear lip gloss for sheer shimmer. If you opt for the color, here's a tip to find the perfect shade. Try applying the color to only one lip. That way, it's easy to choose a shade that is close to your own natural lip.
If you buy your lip gloss where you can't sample the actual gloss colors, the color on the box is usually pretty close. Best of all, lip gloss lets you try out shades you wouldn't normally try since they would look too harsh as a lipstick.
Some glosses have a hint of glitter in them, which can add an extra bit of sparkle for those special occasions or that big party, especially if you layer it over a bold lipstick. You can find glosses in silver or gold tones that emphasize the metallic look that is perfect for holiday parties. However, glittery glosses are best at night and not at the office.
Often, cheaper glosses tend to be more tacky and sticky than higher-priced brands. This is not always the case, but a general rule. Gloss can also become sticky when it is old; this is especially true of glosses that are made with petroleum jelly. Toss any lip gloss that's been sitting unused in the bottom of your makeup bag.
You can use plain petroleum jelly to give your lips a shine, but, because of the heavy consistency, you may find your hair sticking to the gloss. Be careful, especially outside when the wind might blow your hair toward your face.
An extra consideration regarding lip gloss is the taste. Lip glosses are available in nearly any flavor, ranging from old-school strawberry to more daring chocolate. Just make sure you can keep yourself from licking off the gloss if you find one that tastes great.
How to Wear Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is quite versatile. You can wear it alone, or you can wear it over your favorite lipstick to add shimmer and shine. Many people will wear just gloss during the day and add the boost of extra color from a lipstick or lip stain for an evening look.
Before you apply lip gloss, make sure that your lips are already healthy and smooth. Lip gloss draws attention to the mouth and is sheer enough that you need a good canvas. Gently move a toothbrush or washcloth across your lips to exfoliate.
Try using a lip liner with your gloss. You can use lip liner either before or after lip gloss, but using the gloss first helps the liner to look more natural. Put the gloss in a dab in the center of the lips and then smack your lips and rub them together to get an even application. To make your lips look fuller, apply lipstick, and then apply clear lip gloss to the center of the lower lip.
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