How To Make Lip Gloss (with Lip Gloss Recipe)

Learning how to make lip gloss is not only a way to treat yourself to a great pot of gloss whenever you'd like, but also incredibly budget friendly. Lip gloss is a wonderfully indulgent makeup treat. It's meant to be shiny and temporary. Even the expensive, long-lasting, lip glosses only last a few hours. Rather than blow your cosmetic budget on a high-end gloss, why not just make your own?

The gloss requires only one true ingredient, something that makes your lips glossy. You can use lip balm, petroleum jelly, even plain vegetable oil. However, these plain ingredients are far from indulgent. With only a few more steps, you can create homemade lip gloss that compares to even a department store brand.

Find an empty lip gloss container, or buy a plastic one for cheap at any superstore. This is where you'll store the gloss once you make it. Decide on a base ingredient for the shine. You can use assorted oils, such as almond oil or coconut oil. You can also use petroleum jelly or beeswax, depending on your preference.

Next, you need some color or flavor to give your homemade gloss some punch. The best way to get great color is to scrape out an old lipstick or lip gloss container that you love. Mix the remaining color in with your lip gloss and you'll get a light and shiny version of the shade.

Avoid using plain food coloring, instead try adding color and flavor with some strained berries. Cranberries, raspberries and strawberries all taste and look great on your lips. If you want a darker and richer color or flavor, try cocoa, coffee or honey.

For basic flavor, use essential oils or flavor extracts to help make your lips taste sweet. Think about some lemon oil or vanilla extract for a delicate flavor. You may want to add extra moisturizers or vitamins to the gloss as a finishing touch. Think about using some vitamin E oil as handy way to keep your lips soft.

Healthy Homemade Lip Gloss

2 teaspoon sweet almond oil
2 teaspoon beeswax
1 capsule Vitamin E (one gel capsule poked open, about ½ teaspoon)

Place oil and beeswax in a small, microwavable container. Poke a hole in the vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil into the container. Place in microwave for about 10 seconds and melt wax into the oil.

Remove the container from the microwave, add any flavoring and mix very, very well. Pour gloss into your lip gloss container and let it cool completely before use. 

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Chapped lips are caused by a variety of factors, ranging from weather conditions to medications to allergic reactions and lip licking. If you can find a lip balm that protects your lips from the elements and includes sunscreen, you can help keep your lips moist.

If you know how to make lip balm, you have the option of creating perfectly delicious treats for yourself and for others.

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This recipe for homemade lip balm allows a stylish gal her daily dose of lip product, but lets her save her money for other splurges.

Making your own lip balm is a fun and easy way to personalize your beauty routine and treat your lips to extra special care.

Who invented lip gloss? Cosmetics fans worldwide have a man named Max Factor to thank.

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