Makeup Tricks to Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Lipstick can be one of the most unruly cosmetics since it so often winds up on your teeth. Keeping lipstick off your teeth is one of those handy little makeup tricks that help save you from embarrassment. Besides, why go to all the work of looking fantastic only to have your style ruined by a makeup malfunction?

The Beauty Pageant Method
The best method to keep lipstick off your teeth is the idea all those beauty pageant girls use: Apply some Vaseline. Not on your lips, but a thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth. This slick coating helps Miss America keep her smile all day without getting a single smudge on her teeth.

A side effect of this tooth cover is that the slick Vaseline makes it difficult for lipstick to smear onto teeth. Even if a little color does rub off, it will quickly slide off your teeth, leaving them shiny and clean. This method is not healthy for teeth, though, and it doesn't taste all that great.

The Application Method
When applying your lipstick, make sure you're not applying it too deep into the mouth. You want your lipstick to cover your lips, but covering the inner lip is just asking for smeared teeth.

Use your usual, pouty, lipstick face, but make sure to pucker your lips outward, leaving the inner lip naked. Then take a piece of tissue, wrap it around a finger and poke it into your mouth to remove any stray lipstick. Then blot the lipstick from the general lip area to remove any extra that might smear. This keeps you from getting lipstick on your teeth when applying or just wearing some fun color.

The Preventative Method
To help prevent lipstick-tooth conflicts, make sure to brush your teeth well and keep them as clean as possible all day. The cleaner and slicker the tooth, the harder it is for lipstick to stick to the enamel. The more gunk built up on your teeth, the more the lipstick has to cling to.

Some of your personal habits can also cause lipstick to smudge onto teeth. Actions such as biting your lips or biting your nails can easily transfer color from lip to tooth. Basically, anything that can move lipstick from your lips onto your teeth can be a problem.

Smoking, drinking, eating, sneezing and breathing can also smudge your lipstick, but good luck trying to avoid all those habits. This is one of the reasons smudge-proof lipstick is so popular. It keeps the color on your lips and off things like teeth, mugs, shirts, hands or anything else.

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