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If you want to make your own lip balm, all you have to do is look around the house. Most of the do-it-yourself recipes for the item are things you could find in your bathroom or kitchen cupboards. Lip balm is a great gift because it keeps your lips smooth. This makes your lips look that much healthier and keeps them from drying out. Lip balm is an excellent product to make not only for yourself but also to give away as gifts or to sell. The following includes an easy to follow recipe for making your own flavored lip balm.

Favorite Flavored Lip Balm Recipe
Ingredients You Will Need
1 teaspoon beeswax
1 teaspoon apricot kernel oil
1 teaspoon calendula oil
1/4 teaspoon almond oil
1/4 teaspoon honey

3 drops lemon essential oil

Melt the beeswax and add in apricot, calendula and almond oils. Mix together and add honey. Stir the mixture at a consistent rate until all of the ingredients are fully blended. Remove the mixture from the heat while stirring. Allow the mixture to cool for about 30 minutes and then add in the lemon essential oils. Place the mixture into a glass pot or jar and allow to cool.

You can store your flavored lip balm in a variety of containers: some folks buy new jars from craft stores whereas others like to reuse lip balm tubes. Make sure that if you are using an old container that you fully wash it out: you don't want to contaminate your new batch of lip balm. To speed up your process, once the lip balm mixture is in the jars, feel free to place it in the freezer. This will give the balm a smoother finish.

Finally, once you have practiced the basic recipe above, feel free to experiment with fruit juices and food coloring. This can enhance the flavor and color of your lip balm. 

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If you know how to make lip balm, you have the option of creating perfectly delicious treats for yourself and for others.

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