Pros and Cons of Permanent Lip Liner

While permanent lip liner might seem like the ultimate option for women tired of the daily routine of applying lip liner, it is typically an approach for those who have uneven or extremely thin lips. Permanent makeup is a mix of tattooing and cosmetics. Using techniques very similar to tattooing, different pigments can be injected into the skin as a long-term makeup choice.

Permanent lip liner is a shade of color that's tattooed around a person's lips, giving definition and shape to the mouth. Since the lips endure extra friction, permanent lip liner can have a slightly shorter life than other permanent cosmetic procedures. Depending on the individual, and color selected, the lip liner can last anywhere from three months to several years.

This long-lasting makeup is not only useful for busy women, it can help give a natural balance to uneven or thin lips. The actual appointment to get permanent lip liner can last a few hours, and you'll be sore and swollen for several days afterwards. You'll pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000 for the treatment.

Permanent cosmetics are always a risky choice, since any little mistake will, literally, be there for everyone to see. The facility needs to use clean instruments, tested procedures and know their way around a pair of smackers, for both your personal beauty and health.

One of the best ways to discover the quality of a cosmetic business is to talk to someone who's had permanent lip liner performed there. This is the perfect time to hit up friends for advice or community gossip, so you can get the inside scoop from a former customer.  Also check with your nearby Better Business Bureau, or local equivalent, to see if the company has stacks of complaints lodged against them.

If you get permanent lip liner for cosmetic reasons instead of corrective ones, try to keep the color natural, or get matching permanent lipstick. If your lip liner is a drastically different color from your lips, you'll look very odd anytime you're not wearing lipstick.

Using matching permanent lipstick with your permanent lip liner keeps your lips attractive, regardless if they're naked or painted with another shade. In other words, matching permanent lipstick with permanent lip liner means if you accidentally smear your regular lipstick, you don't look like a child outlined your lips with a crayon. 

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