Choosing the Best Shade of Blush for Your Skin

Blush is meant to be a natural and subtle looking makeup by its very nature. Unlike eye shadow or lipstick, blush is not an artificial hue. It's simply an imitation of the natural blood flush every person gets in their cheeks. Choosing the best blush depends on identifying and correctly imitating this natural flush in your basic skin tone.

Skin tone is the key to finding that perfect shade of blush. The colors that look good on you will depend on whether you have a cool, warm, yellow or dark skin tone. This background hue is what helps make a particular shade of makeup appear flattering or ghastly on you.

Look at your cheeks in a mirror after you've worked out or been in the cold. The exact hue of the blood flush in your face is what you want your blush to replicate. This flush can also be seen in the palms of your hands. For easy shopping, just place any blush color onto your palm to see how closely the flush and blush match.

Cool skin tones
Cool skin tones tend to be on the fair to rosy side. They contain underlying tones of blue or green. These skin tones look best with a light blush with a hint of pink. The pink brings warmth to the face without appearing unnatural against the skin. Try pale blush shades, such as rose, pink and coral.

Warm Skin Tone
Warm skin tones tend to be on the flushed to golden side. They contain underlying tones of red or orange. These skin tones look best with a smokier blush or hint of brown. This helps bring out the natural flush without appearing red-faced. Try richer blush shades, such as peach, dusty rose, rose and pale cranberry.

Yellow Skin Tones
Yellow skin tones cover a wide variety of darker hues. Olive kissed or Asian skin tone, they both have an underlying yellow essence. Use warmer pinks and plums to help bring out your natural flushed tone.

Dark Skin Tone
Darker skin tones generally need to stay with tan or red based hues. The darker the skin, the bolder the color can be. For tanned or brown skin, try bronze, apricot or even raspberry blush shades. For dark or black skin, try red, apricot, magenta, or gold blush shades.

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