Makeup Advice for Redheads

If you've got gorgeous hair in fiery tones from auburn to strawberry, you've probably got a fair complexion to go with it. However, redheads need to follow a few special makeup tips to avoid colors that clash with their hair and skin.

Your base will look best if you avoid pink- or olive-toned foundations. They'll make your face look more pink than it is or simply sickly green. Gold tones work well on redheads, so a subtle bronzer can add a natural glow to a pale complexion. Just be cautious to select one that looks brown, not orangey.

For eyeshadow, tradition always told redheads to opt for cool colors like lavender or pink. But you can open a whole new world of hues if you try warm colors instead. Try shades like copper, reddish-brown, gold, eggplant and peach. If you dare to try green shades, they'll look amazing in combination with your pale skin and red hair. A brown-colored mascara will look more natural with your coloring, whereas black can look too harsh against fair skin. If you prefer dark lashes, try a brown-black mascara.

For blush, the most flattering colors are all warm hues with orangey undertones, like apricot pinks, peaches and light coral. If you want more drama, go for a brick shade of blush.

If you were thinking of matching your lipstick to your hair color, think again. While you can experiment with gold-flecked reds, they'll be the hardest to pull off with your coloring. Instead, stick to the peachy family with apricots and sheer corals, or try a honey-colored nude or a warm pink gloss. If you like darker lips, find a raisin-colored lipstick.

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