Makeup and Hair Tips to Look Younger

It's time to face it. Those wrinkles in the mirror. Flat, dull hair. Even your hands are starting to look crepey and old. You always knew these things were going to happen, but you didn't expect it to come so soon. You need a little boost to look younger, so you can start enjoying the freedom and fun in growing older. Here are some simple hair and makeup tips that will boost your spirit and help you celebrate who you really are.

Your Smile
Start with your smile! One of the fastest ways to take years off in general is to whiten your teeth, especially if you are a coffee or tea drinker or if you are a smoker. You can choose from several over-the-counter teeth whitening systems. They vary in price and time commitment, but you can easily choose a product that suits your beauty routine.

Now that your teeth are whiter, people will pay new attention to your smile. Update your lipstick to look your best. It may be time to soften the color of your lips. Those dark, rich colors that used to work for you may be emphasizing those fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Those are dead giveaways of the passage of time, so don't advertise them. You can stay within the same color family, but a softer lip color will be more flattering and will brighten up your face.

Your Hair
Stop using "ash" tones of anything. If you are using an ash blonde or brown on your hair, you are literally adding years to your look. The ash shades give a grey look to your hair, so leave them for the women who don't mind looking older. If you really want to perk up your hair, add a touch of red in your highlights and lowlights, and watch your hair pop.

Add some volume to your hair. As you get older, your hair starts to thin out, so you need to give it a boost. Start with a volumizing shampoo. You want to use a professional salon product for the best results. Also, be stingy with your conditioner. The ends of your hair need conditioning to keep them from splitting and frizzing out, but your roots can't handle the weight of the conditioner. When you are styling your hair, use a root lifter before you blow-dry your hair to give your hair that sexy "oomph" that you want.

Your Makeup
Before applying makeup, treat your skin as an artist would a canvas. Use a good moisturizer on your face and neck every day. Nothing restores your skin like moisture, and you need it underneath your makeup. If your skin is dry, it won't matter how much makeup advice you follow. Be sure to moisturize the rest of your skin as well-those elbows and knees need special attention.

Also, keep your eyebrows shaped. Your whole face gets a nice lift when you have beautiful eyebrows. You can tweeze or wax them because your brow-taming method is a personal preference. If you have heavy brows, or brows that tend to migrate into a "unibrow," you might prefer waxing. It takes only a few minutes, and the results are usually terrific. If your brows are thinning, use a brow powder rather than a pencil to fill them in. It will look more natural.

Once your skin and eyebrows are set, try mineral makeup. You might be pleasantly surprised. You can find it in a loose powder form, pressed powder form or in liquid form. These products really can transform the look and feel of your skin because they are weightless and give your skin a fresh, even texture. One word of caution, though: Many mineral makeups are made with filler called bismuth or bismuth oxychloride. If you have sensitive skin, you may have a reaction to this ingredient. To be on the safe side, check the ingredients before you buy. You can find excellent mineral makeup that doesn't use bismuth. Your best bet is to try the pressed powder or liquid forms of foundation, blush and concealer. As those beastly little lines form on your skin, they are a magnet for loose powder and will trap it in the creases of your skin. The last thing you want to do is highlight your wrinkles.

Your Well-Being
Now it's time to start taking your diet seriously. Your body is changing, and, if you don't feed it properly, you're going to really pay the price. It won't just be your looks that head downhill; it will be your health as well. What you put into your body will affect your looks far more than any makeup tips or makeup advice can. Drink lots of water-you really do need those eight glasses every day. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Add healthy nuts to your diet, like almonds and walnuts. Learn to love fish. There's a real difference in taste and texture in different kinds of fish, so if you try one you don't like, don't give up. Grilling fish gives it a completely new flavor, and it's healthy. Avoid anything with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a staple in many junk foods. This type of oil is really hard on you, and it will only make you crave more. Don't even keep it in the house because it has a way of calling out your name late at night.

All you need is a short trip to the drugstore and grocery, and you can start changing your beauty routine for the better. With these tips, you'll be amazed at your fresher, younger appearance.

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