Makeup How to: Stock Up

With the amazing array of cosmetic choices on the market today, it's easy to get caught up in the gorgeous glosses and sparkly eye shadows and suddenly realize that you've spent much more than you had intended. Fortunately, there's an equally great selection of budget beauty products at the drugstore that'll show you how to stock your makeup cabinet on the cheap.

To cut down on your cosmetic expenses, you will simply have to just say no to department store brands. Yes, it's a tough breakup, but just remember that you can find quality makeup at the drugstore. Think of it as establishing a rainy day cosmetics fund-if you are a savvy shopper most of the time, you will be able to justify splurging on a more expensive item later.

If you have high-end cosmetics with which you can't imagine ever parting, bring it with you to the drugstore and see if you can work a little cosmetic magic. With the wide variety of brands and colors at the drugstore, you might be able to find a close, even nearly identical color match. Be aware, however, that even a drugstore features a wide range of price points; you have to know when to spend more and when to save. In general, it's best to splurge a little on concealers and foundation, save on mascara or eyeliner.

One easy way to save money is to stick to basic shadow and lip colors that'll work for a variety of day and night occasions. A simple eye palette of browns or neutrals is a good choice-stick to the lighter colors for day and blend in bolder ones for night. If the palette doesn't have any sparkly shades, you can buy one extra color to kick your look up a notch for a night out.

For lip color, try to limit yourself to one favorite lipstick and one favorite lip-gloss. This way you're not blowing your budget on trying the latest and greatest colors. As an added bonus, limiting your color selection allows you to establish a signature shade that family and friends will come to identify with you.

However, if you do want to experiment with trends, turn to the cheapest stuff you can find. There are a few drugstore brands that offer makeup products for a dollar each. They may not be the highest quality, but they're fine for a trendy hue that you'll only use for a season.

Double duty products can help you save a great deal of money. Look for a cream blush stick that can double as lip color or a powder foundation that'll give you the coverage you need but hides shine as well. You may also want to consider opting for a bronzer, rather than spending twice as much on foundation and blush.

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