Tips for the Best Makeup Foundation Application

Almost every woman relies on foundation makeup begin her makeup procedure. The best makeup foundation helps even out skin tone; conversely, bad foundation increases the appearance of wrinkles. This is why it is such an important cosmetic to get right.

Though powder and cream selections are also available, most foundations come as a liquid. Liquid makeup is not only the most commonly used foundation, it is the makeup that women most often apply incorrectly.

When it comes to liquid and cream foundation, there are two basic methods for application: the proper method, which uses a makeup sponge or brush to carefully coat your skin, and the common method, which uses your fingers to spread the makeup.

Makeup sponges and brushes are used to help give an even coat of makeup, as well as a much cleaner and more sanitized application. These tools are great for getting in hard to reach areas, such as under the lower eyelashes. The biggest drawback with sponges is that they soak up much of the foundation, wasting makeup and money.

Fingers are often used instead of sponges, as they are always free, nearby and don't soak up excess makeup. Using your fingers gives greater control, and the technique helps warm the makeup before you blend it into your skin. However, fingers can be dirty and uneven, potentially compromising your skin tone and adding extra dirt and oil to your face.

If you need a few spots cleared up, lightly apply the foundation and blot until the makeup looks natural. However, if you're looking for overall coverage, make sure that you really apply the foundation all over. Leaving spots uncovered, especially if you don't blend, results in odd color patches on your face.

Many women forget to place some foundation at the front of the nose, around the nostrils. A little on the eyelid and a little more below the eye are also important. None of these areas need heavy coverage, but they do need a light blending to prevent any weird streak marks on your face.

Once the foundation is applied, regardless of the type, blending is key. Failure to properly blend the makeup is the number one foundation mistake most women make. Always blend the makeup next to your hairline, ears, cheeks, chin and neck. Failing to blend over the chin leaves an obvious line that truly makes you look as if you are wearing a mask.

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Well-cared for skin is the best foundation for applying makeup. Follow these clever tips for makeup application, including some basic grooming tips and cut down on the time it takes for your morning routine.

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