Which Men's Colognes Do Women Love

Scent is an awesome force, and men's colognes are no exception. It can make us recall past events, inspire lust and even feel sick. Men who wear cologne tend, obviously, like to hope that the scent is alluring, rather than nauseating. A man who wears cologne to attract a partner, doesn't want to drive those prospects away.

Whatever cologne you use, remember that if you're trying to attract women, keep it light. A scent that makes a woman lean in closer for a whiff is a thousand times better than a scent that makes a woman run away. Keep your cologne strength at subtle and soft instead of strong and stinky.

The type of men's cologne that helps attract women usually has some sort of musk involved in the mixture. This heady, deep fragrance is used by animals in nature to help attract a mate. Humans seem to respond well to most musks, too. Most products blend this musky scent with wood, spice or citrus scents to develop a unique cologne for men.

Historically, this musky mix is what sells in men's cologne. Traditional labels, such as Old Spice, Brut, Calvin Klein's Obsession, Calvin Klein's Eternity, Giorgio Armani's Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss's Hugo and Ralph Lauren's Polo are faithful standbys in the cologne world.

There are also slightly less known, but equally as popular fragrances in most stores. Labels such as Acqua Di Gio, Bvlgari's Aqva, Valentino and the entire Axe line of colognes have a definite male and female following.

 With the rise in celebrity fragrances on the market, there are also many new scents that are hot. Sean Jean's entire line is on fire, especially Unforgivable. David Beckham's David Beckham and Intimately are also huge hits.

Remember that there is never one, ultimate cologne that will work to woo women or make you smell perfect. Every cologne will smell slightly different according to the person who wears it. While one scent may smell amazing from the bottle, it may take on a completely different tone once it settles on your skin. 

The best way to test colognes is to spritz a little on some clean skin and wear it for an entire day. Judge how the scent starts and how it changes after each hour. Determine if you like the way it mingles with your natural odor. Then, after doing this with several colognes, pick the one that suited you best. 

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Collecting perfume samples is a great way to try on different scents to see if they work with your biochemistry before you commit to a larger-scale purchase. Start with a basic undestanding of how perfume notes are formulated to help streamline the search for your signature scent even further.

With celebrities no longer restricted to the realm of perfume, men's fragrances are now a who's who of the celebrity world.

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Many people stick with one signature scent all year long. Finding the appropriate summertime fragrance, however, will give you a chance to make the right sunshiney sensory statement.

While the particular scents of perfumes vary, the common perfume ingredients are largely the same across the board.

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