Celebrity Men's Fragrances

With celebrities no longer restricted to the realm of perfume, men's fragrances are now a who's who of the celebrity world.

Carlos Santana, Alan Cumming, Antonio Banderas, Usher and Prince all have popular colognes on the market. Sports stars are getting in on the action as well, with former NBA star Michael Jordan and tennis star Andy Roddick selling scents. Even Paris Hilton has a special cologne for men.

The Derek Jeter cologne, Driven, is one of the surprise hits in the market. The baseball star teamed up with Avon for this complete men's skin care line, which boasts the aroma of chilled grapefruit, black pepper and oak moss.

Another sports star to hit big in the world of cologne is soccer star David Beckham. He has a slew of scents on the market, such as Instinct, Instinct Intense, Intimately and Intimately Night. It's hard to tell if the aroma or huge, almost naked advertising pictures of Beckham that makes the colognes sell so well, though.

It's been awhile since anyone has burst onto the celebrity style scene as successfully as Sean Combs. The multi-talented star has created a booming empire with his Sean Jean line. His cologne, Unforgivable, is an interesting blend of many aromas, such as amber, champagne and sage. It can be overwhelming if not applied very lightly, but presents an intriguing aroma when used sparingly.

For those with slightly royal tastes, real estate tycoon Donald Trump has his cologne selling everywhere. The cologne is called Donald Trump, of course. It's probably impossible for someone to actually bottle the smell of arrogance. However, with the help of citrus, cucumber, mint and secret ingredients too special for him to reveal, "The Donald" seems to have come close.

Celebrity scents come and go. However, celebrities and colognes are just like celebrities and Hollywood. For every star that falls, there's always a hundred more waiting to take its place. 

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