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The 1970s were a time of change in the United States; as the controversial war raged on in Vietnam, radical themes from the 60s barreled forth into the following decade. This time was also very colorful; not only in the rapidly changing culture, but in fashion statements as well. Women being able to don slacks and make more decisions for themselves than ever before was merely the tip of the iceberg. Both genders went under a great transformation in terms of style.

Many people who are not old enough to remember the 70s may think of the decade's fashion as consisting of low-riding flares and blue tuxedos. But there was much more to it than that. There was a multitude of styles for the ever-growing number of personalities. Much of the 1970s garb was inspired by the past, but it may have been a glimpse into the future as several aspects of the time have been and still are making a raging comeback.

One element that led to the explosion in new fashion was better being able to travel. As such many people brought back ideas for garments from several foreign cultures. It definitely helped that many minds in America were being opened to the workings of other nations and the people within them. Such apparel inspired by ethnic clans were the peasant shirt, Macram? bags and crochet waistcoats.

And since a lot of the fashion of the 1960s carried onward into the 70s, imported garments such as Japanese kimonos became commonplace among the hip folk in America. Of course since this time gave women for style options than they ever had prior to it, they could dismiss long fur coats for lighter and cooler apparel in order to withstand enclosed heated cars which became an issue by later in the decade.

Now the 70s in all its vibrant glory didn't only adhere to the women; men too were subject to the climactic changes in society. Military-like garb, which was ironically enough for men protesting the Vietnam War, became common. And who could forget the now legendary hippie apparel? Which was obviously inspired by the crushed civilization of the Native Americans.

Ultimately what is probably one of the sexiest fads of the disco era was the rise of the platform-soled shoes. Sleek low-rise boots with up to 4-inch high heels. You can even find takes on these great pieces of footwear in stores today.

And even if you're not old enough to remember the 1970s, you are more than likely to know that it was the decade of disco. This trend gave way to such styles as hot pants for women and leisure suits for men. Some would say such styles would never be considered to go anywhere today, but in many other ways fashion of the 70s is coming back with a vengeance.

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Whoever said disco fashion was on the way out was clearly only dreaming-many famous disco looks are actually making a comeback. 

Disco hairstyles were as loud and bold as the white polyester pantsuits that ruled the day. Learn what looks were cutting edge in the disco era.

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Disco clothes were all about making sure you were the best looking person on the dance floor.

Hairstyles in the disco era remain instantly recognizable, a true part of a defining decade in history and fashion. Some styles are making a comeback. As for others? Well, they seemed like good ideas at the time.

Disco hairstyles were as loud and bold as the white polyester pantsuits that ruled the day. Learn what looks were cutting edge in the disco era.

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