Famous Hairstyles In the Disco Era

As history repeats itself, so do hairstyles in and from the disco era. The 1970s were a time of experimentation in a variety of areas, including music, fashion, drugs and hairstyles. These disco era hairstyles are coming back as trendy dos.

The Rise of the Hair Dryer
Disco wasn't the only hot thing happening in the -70s. The hair dryer was newly invented and would forever change hairdos. With the new hair dryer, women didn't have to rely on hair rollers or pin-ups to get the style they craved. The dryer made it easy to style curls or straight locks. And in the disco era, long and straight was the way to go for young women.

What about girls who had unruly curls? Since the hair straightening iron was a thing of the future, young girls took turns using a regular iron to flatten their hair.

Short Styles in the Disco Era
While the long and straight look from the hippie 60s carried over to the disco 70s, there was also a surge of short hairstyles. Some of these popular disco-era styles included choppy layers, bangs and bobs.

The shag hairstyle was very popular in the disco era - just look at Shaggy from "Scooby Doo." To achieve the shag, the hair was cut in irregular layers for a shaggy look. If it sounds familiar, that is for good reason-this disco era trend is coming back into style today.

The world of fashion in the 1970s was directly influenced by the powerful black pride movement taking place during the decade. The afro emerged as one of the most obvious examples of how culture and fashion mingled. The oversized explosion of hair is seen in pop culture today by Disco Stu, a character in "The Simpsons."

Feathered Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett's feathered hairdo in "Charlie's Angels" was an icon of the disco era. The feathered look is easy to achieve-simply blow dry the hair under and up to create volume and body. Finish drying around the hair around the face in a flip out motion to complete the look.

The Mullet
The disco era was also known for the notorious mullet hairstyle, a style seen on both men and women alike. With this cut, hair was long in down the back and cut short on the sides and top of the head. Today, it's largely recognized as a trashy look-a definite fashion don't. 

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Whoever said disco fashion was on the way out was clearly only dreaming-many famous disco looks are actually making a comeback. 

Disco hairstyles were as loud and bold as the white polyester pantsuits that ruled the day. Learn what looks were cutting edge in the disco era.

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Disco clothes were all about making sure you were the best looking person on the dance floor.

A short summary of the trends of the disco era.

Disco hairstyles were as loud and bold as the white polyester pantsuits that ruled the day. Learn what looks were cutting edge in the disco era.

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