Emo Hair Cuts and Trends

Emo hair cuts tend to stand out from the rest of the style spectrum, but they also are instantly identifiable as part of the emo scene. If you know how to spot emo hair, you'll know what it takes to fit in and then make a statement.

Most emo types opt to dye their hair jet black to match the dark clothing they wear. Hair also tends to be straightened-a particularly trendy cut features hair cut asymmetrically so that it falls over one eye. The style's layers can also be highlighted to accentuate the effect.

The short cut is a popular emo trend. These are generally short in the back with long bangs. The bangs are usually pushed to one side at a sharp angle and held in place with gel or hairspray. Some opt for straightening their hair and using gel to add spikes to the short do, but the spikes aren't messy like what you'd find in other styles. These are angular and sleek.

Long hair is also trendy for emo. But again, like the shorter styles, it's really about creating sharp angles. The bangs are usually sharply parted. The hair on the sides and in the back usually features multiple layers so as to create volume. Some people like to highlight their tresses, but repeatedly coloring long hair can lead to damage. If you want the look of multi-hued hair without the breakage factor, consider a colored hair clip or extensions. 

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