Getting Emo Hairstyles

Mastering emo hairstyles is easier than you may think. Emo hair is all about keeping your hair flat, layered and asymmetrical. The goal is to achieve a messy look through careful coordination. Deceptive? Yes, but that's the beauty of style.

Make It Work
An easy way to get emo hair is to merely modify your existing cut. Try using a flat iron to straighten your hair. Use gel or hairspray to flatten your bangs and hold them in place on one side of your forehead.

Add Color
Most emo looks call for jet black hair. Since not too many people have naturally black hair, use dye. You may want to add different colored highlights. Bright colors like a neon pink or purple will work well against pitch black. If you have long hair, dying it may damage it, so try adding bright extensions instead. You can also go for a two-tone look by dying your bangs a neon color and keeping the back black.

The Angles
Asymmetry is a big part of getting that emo look. If you feel up to it, try having your friends cut your hair or even do it yourself. Just don't go too crazy-try to keep one side longer than the other and the front longer than the back. Basically if it looks like you cut your own hair, you're on the right track.

For some of the fancier emo dos, you'll probably want to go to a professional. If you have an idea of what you want, find a picture of someone with similar hair and bring it to your hair stylist. Once your cut is complete, ask her for tips on how to keep it in vogue.

Just experiment and have fun. Remember that it's hard to make many mistakes when you're going for the emo look.

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