Emo Makeup Tips

Emo makeup is a mix of gothic and punk styles. It is often mistaken for the Goth look, and truth be told, the line between the two styles is rather thin. The emo look is dramatic and extreme. It tends to be dark, with lots of black, but not entirely drab. The emo style pairs darker colors, with a wide array of hues, such as hot pink or grass green.

Emo Makeup Supplies
To get the true look of emo makeup, you're going to need some basic beauty makeup supplies. First you need some sort of concealer or foundation in a light, slightly washed out shade. You're also going to need some eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. Depending of personal preference, you might also want some blush.

Emo Makeup Tips

  • Remember to get some white powder to drown out your natural color if you're looking to create a pale face. Apply the powder lightly all over your face and neck, including under you chin. If you forget the place the powder on the neck and under your chin, you will end up looking like you're wearing a mask.
  • Try a little glitter to help increase the overall drama of your look. Glitter can be found in every kind of beauty makeup, from lipstick, powder and blush to eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Mix and match these cosmetics for the best effect. Never use them all at once, though, or you'll end up overdoing it.
  • Use liquid eyeliner for strong lines. Liquid eyeliner is great for thick, solid, long lasting lines. The problem with liquid liner is getting the line just right. If you touch the line before it dries, you'll mess it up. Try counting to 60 before opening each eye to give the eyeliner time to dry.
  • Use eyeliner pencil for smudged lines. Eyeliner pencils are great for smudged and smoky lines. To create the perfect smoky line, first apply your eyeliner. Take a cotton swab and dip it in a tiny bit of petroleum jelly. Run the dipped swab along your eyeliner for a perfect smudge every time.
  • Pick bold lipstick to really finish off the emo look. A bold-either bright or dark-lipstick color can help tie your look together. Without some lip color, you tend to look plain gothic and drab. It's the whimsy of the emo style that the bold lipstick helps add to the overall look.
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