How Do I Make My Hair Emo

If you're asking, "How do I make my hair emo?" odds are good you've fallen prey to the emo musical scene that has come to influence fashion from head to toe.

The first rule to emo hair is that you have to have straight hair. If you've been rocking a curly hairstyle, you're going to want to straighten it. Most emo hair cuts involve straight, flat hair. You'll also probably want to mix up your hair color, unless you happen to have been born with jet black hair. The emo look is dark and sleek, only accentuate by occasional highlights in hues of blonde, red or purple.

As for the actual style of your hair, you have more options than you might think. Most emo cuts are short in the back, with long straight bangs in front. How you mix things up from that point on is up to you. Some people use gel to spike up the back while leaving the bangs flat. A popular look is to comb the bangs over to one side, covering an eye. This look works as well for the guys as it does for the ladies.

Guys looking for something different yet still emo-friendly can consider the Emo-hawk. This is a version of the Mohawk that doesn't go quite as far as shaving parts of your head. Have your hair cut short on the sides, leaving the top a little longer, and then take the hair on the top and push it towards the middle, almost like a Mohawk. Gel that hawk into place and you're good to go.

Another option is the Emo-mullet. The idea is the mostly the same as traditional mullets. Leave the back a little longer and cut it short on the sides, but leave the bangs longer than you would on a regular mullet. Again, in the emo world, bangs are crucial.

Women have many options open to them, even you're not a fan of the standard emo short cut. Don't be afraid to leave your hair long, but keep those bangs. Some emo girls will go for a two-tone look and dye the front and bangs a bright color while leaving the back long and black. You can also have fun and accessorize your look with headbands.

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