How to Talk Emo

Learning how to talk emo requires understanding the culture that surrounds that word. You're not speaking entirely different language, but you do need to possess knowledge of specific bands, artists and fashions in order to understand the emo scene. Before you try to converse with an emo person about the newest Dashboard album or how to best break in a new pair of Chucks, you'll need to learn about the history and evolution of emo culture.

Talking emo means immersing yourself in this culture and understanding where emo comes from. Emo culture got its start in Washington, DC, during the late 1980s. It was during this time that people were tiring of the hardcore music scene. Reacting to the fast and furious tempo of punk music, people slowed down the tempo to create softer music that featured personal lyrics that felt as if there had been taken directly out of a diary. Often, singers would sing slowly over guitar chords, alternating between hush- and scream-like singing styles. Emo culture revolved around the collision of soft versus hard sounds.

As time went on, the music became that much more earnest and mainstream. The Internet helped to popularize the culture, giving fans an opportunity to discuss and promote their favorite bands. As word spread, the late 1990s saw emo reach the mainstream. As time went on, the confessional lyrics came to override the harsh loud-soft contrast of early emo music. Today, some of the most popular emo bands are Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance and Boys Like Girls.

As emo music became more popular, so too did the fashions of the emo scene. Some common fashion and style trends of emo culture include skinny jeans, layered haircuts with long bands, dark eyeliner and skater shoes or sneakers.

To learn how to talk emo, all you need to know are the basic style trends, most current bands and the basics of this movement and culture's history. These basic items make up the foundation of what it means to be emo today. 

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