The History of Vera Wang

The name Vera Wang is synonymous with weddings and bridal wear. Her story began in 1989, when her impending marriage prompted her to search for a suitable wedding gown. Not finding any gowns fitting the look and style she envisioned, she sketched her own design and hired a talented dressmaker to turn her design into reality. A year later, Wang opened her own boutique.

Prior to opening her boutique, Wang's association with the fashion world included 17 years with Vogue and 2 years as a design director for Ralph Lauren. While Wang had experience in the fashion field, she never had any formal training in design.

The Vera Wang Bridal House Ltd., located in New York's Carlyle Hotel, catered to an upscale clientele with featured gowns by established designers. During this period, Wang continued to work at perfecting own her designing skills; this process came to culminate with her own signature collection.

The Vera Wang label has today become synonymous with a high-end, savvy crowd - many celebrities and society names included - that loves to wear Wang's modern clothing, gowns and accessories. Along with her bride and bridesmaid gown collections, she has added a ready-to-wear inspired by the simplicity of Coco Chanel, eveningwear, sun wear, shawls and wraps, shoes, lingerie, fragrance line and the Lavender Label to her collection of stylish couture gowns, feminine flirty dresses and upbeat accessories.

Her home fashion line is as stylish and elegant as her fashion designs, featuring tableware, fine linens, throws, blankets, decorative pillows, home accessories, flowers, quality notepaper, personal cards and a collection of designer mattresses for Serta. Each item bears her signature mark of sleek modern lines with a quiet and subtle undertone.

Wang was the recipient of the 2005 Council of Fashion Designers of America Womenswear Designer of the Year award.

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