Ralph Lauren History

Ralph Lauren's history began in 1939 Bronx, N.Y. Born Ralph Lipschitz, the man who changed his name to Lauren always had a sense of fashion, even as a young boy and especially as he grew up. With an interest in clothing, Lauren chose to pursue a business degree in college, working at various jobs to learn about the world of fashion.

Lauren's creativity was put to the test while working for A. Rivetz & Co., assigned the job of designing ties. Never one to be afraid of change, Lauren designed a tie that did not fit the norm. The ties were wide and showy - and popular. Once they became available to the public, the ties were an immediate hit. Following their success, Lauren was able to get a loan and founded Polo Fashions in 1968.

Lauren received the Coty American Fashion Critics' Award - his first of many awards -  for his designs of menswear in 1970. He went on to become a critical and commercial darling, expanding his line to include designs for women and children. Initial forays into the fragrance market soon followed.

In the 1981, Lauren was the first American designer to go global by opening a store in London. Today, Ralph Lauren stores are located in 22 countries around the world. The Lauren label is also found on rugs, lights, furniture - even paint.

His clothing lines today include men's and women's fashions, sports wear, shoes, handbags, accessories, home décor, linens, children's and baby's wear, each displaying the attention to detail, quality workmanship, class and style attributed to Ralph Lauren brands. Lauren is also the official outfitter for Wimbleton.

Ralph Lauren has received numerous awards through the years including the Council of Fashion Designers of America Popular Vote Award and American Fashion Legend Award.

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