1920's Makeup Looks

1920's makeup was known for a simple approach and high drama result. Lines were solid and the makeup was meant to look anything but natural. The natural look had been so important during the Victorian and Edwardian ages that, by the 1920's, women wanted something different.

It's important to remember that the 1920's had a different kind of makeup than what we use now. Beauty inventions, such as mascara in a tube with a brush, had not been created yet. So try to substitute the best you can with what you can get.

Women went with a pale face in the 1920's, often using a white or cream base. The base could be a cream or a powder, depending on the exact woman. They created a plain, light palette to apply further makeup on.

1920's makeup for the eyes was dark and smoky. Women often wore charcoal or grey eye shadow, and only wore the shadow on the lower lid. A thin line of black eyeliner was traced around the eyes, then often smudged at the ends. Mascara, not yet available in its easy present form, existed as a wax that you applied with a stick. So lashes were dark, but not heavily made up.

Eyebrows in the 1920's were worn high, thin and sloping. They didn't arch, but looked more like a half circle. Eyebrows were worn long, often ending at the edge of the eye. The brow was colored dark with a pencil or wax to really stand out.

Women preferred a rosy blush for their cheeks in the 1920's. Rose, dusty rose, raspberry and even orange were common blush hues. The blush was applied lightly to the apple of the cheeks and then blended in. Women in the 1920's did not tend to wear blush outside the apple of the cheek.

Women's lips in the 1920's were made up to represent a Cupid's bow. Lip liner was used to create a bow shaped top lip and a full, but short lower lip. It was really all about the lips when in came to 1920's makeup-the darker the color the better. Women wore a lot of red, burgundy and other bold lip colors.

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