Classic Flapper Hairstyles

During the 1920s, flapper hairstyles welcomed in a whole new era of short hair for women created a new era of short hair for women. The independent women donned boyish cuts as part of their liberating style statement. These cuts worked with the higher hemlines of flapper dresses to physically take women one step closer to their male counterparts.  

This cropped short style was shaped closely to the head, making for a more dramatically short cut than any women had previously worn. Flappers often wore their bobs straight and sleek unless they had naturally curly hair.

Some flappers also added Marcel waves or finger waves. These lines of curved waves, which sit against the head, are those that most people think of when thoughts turn to a flapper's bob.

The shingle bob, also called the graduated bob, was another variation of flapper hairstyles. The haircut is characterized by the way the hair is cut at the back of the neck. It is razor cut so it's very short and in a V-shape.

Many flappers wore cloche hats that were bell-shaped and fitted. The Eton hairstyle worked perfectly with the cloche. The cropped super-short style featured slicked-down blunt cut hair and was made popular by cabaret star Josephine Baker.

The Eton cut was very boyish, which is why it was named after the famed English school for boys. It offered such a masculine touch that many of the petite women who chose to wear this cut were actually mistaken for boys. 

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