Flappers of the 1920s

The flappers of the 1920s marked the beginning of a revolution of women. During this time, women ditched their conservative feminine looks and went for clothing, makeup and hairstyles that were a far cry from the norm and considered inappropriate at the time. The rebellion led to a revolution in women's fashion and women's roles.

After World War I, the Roaring Twenties saw lots of change. Women had the right to vote and new senses of independence and feminism that, when coupled with a popular contempt for Prohibition, may have fueled the flapper fire.

These young women were described as giddy risk takers. They wanted to break away from and defy previous societal norms. This new breed of flappers listened to the new jazz sound and danced provocatively at jazz clubs. They dated freely and treated sex as a much more casual activity than their predecessors. Women in this era drove cars, rode bicycles and defiantly drank alcohol openly during the Prohibition era. Some flappers indulged in cigarette use-some even dabbled in cocaine.

Flappers of the 1920s are possibly best known for their style. At a time when corsets, long hair and long gowns were the norm, flappers introduced a more boyish look. Young women showed off their legs in short skirts, chopped their hair off into short bobs and wore excessive amounts of makeup. Kohl-rimmed eyes and bee-stung lips set the flappers apart from the rest. Accessories included newsboy caps, cloche hats, layered necklaces and horn-rimmed glasses. High heels came into fashion and dresses were often drop-waisted and knee-length to show off just enough leg when flappers danced. 

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