Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

These gothic eye makeup tips will show you what supplies to have on hand and easy ways to get that dark, bold, dramatic look you're after.

There tend to be lots of solid, dark colors and dramatic looks involved with the gothic style. Black is absolutely the most common color for hair, nails, makeup and clothes. Red is a close second when it comes to hair, nails and makeup. It is important to remember, however, your gothic color palette should ultimately depend on what looks good on you, not what most people are using.

Gothic makeup is all about the eyes, so don't rush when it comes to your eye makeup.
For a solid, black line around your eyes, skip the eyeliner pencil and go with liquid eyeliner. The liquid liner creates a much stronger, thicker and longer lasting line. Just remember that liquid eyeliner takes a minute or two to dry. You need to keep your eyes closed until the eyeliner is completely dry, or you'll end up smearing it.

If you want to create a smokier eye, skip the liquid eyeliner.
You need to use eyeliner pencil that can be smudged to create smoky gothic eye makeup. Apply the eyeliner, and then use a cotton swab to help smear the line. You can also try dipping the cotton swab in a little petroleum jelly, then smearing it. This creates a deeper smear than the dry swab would.

One way to help create dramatic eyes is to use eye shadow in colors with a slight glitter.
This glitter helps reflect the light and make your eyes seem even bigger. It also helps increase the dramatic change from eyeliner to eye shadow.

Pay close attention to the color of mascara you buy.
Skip the brown, dark brown and even charcoal colors - go for jet black. You can also look for mascara with glitter in it for an extra dramatic touch.

Pluck your eyebrows in an arch for the biggest impact.
An arched brow helps increase the area you can use eye shadow on. It also helps frame the eyes to look bigger and brighter.

Don't be afraid to mix things up and use some color.
Though the classic gothic look may be black mascara, black eyeliner and black eye shadow, that doesn't mean you always have to stick with black. Try something different once in awhile, such as royal purple eyeliner with black mascara and a mixture of black and glittery green eye shadow.

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