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Grunge fashion was one of the hottest trends in the 1990s, thanks largely to the grunge music movement that sprang from Seattle and Portland. Grunge fit well within the era, as the -90s were referred to as a decade of unisex anti-fashion. The look was characterized by the way lack of style became a style in and of itself: long, dirty hair, layers bulky and baggy pieces and general disdain for anything polished and trim. This trend can be nailed down with a few key looks.

Since the grunge music movement came out of Seattle and the Northwest, grunge fashion mimics the outdoorsy look of the region, particularly plaid. What began as heavy reliance on plaid flannel shirts exploded into plaid everything, from shorts to sweatshirts. Skip the bright colors, though - grunge plaids were maroon, brown, indigo and forest green in hue.

Doc Martens
This rugged and iconic black work boot was a staple for both men and women for grunge fashion.

Converse All-Stars
If you weren't wearing Doc Martens in the early -90s, grunge guys and gals flocked to dark-colored Converse sneakers.

Baggy Jeans
Forget hipster skinny jeans - in the -90s, cool rockers wore stonewashed blue jeans with plenty of extra room, tears and tattered edges.

Thrift Store Finds
Since tattered and worn clothing was in fashion for grunge, many grungers shopped at thrift stores to find old tees, jeans and flannels. 

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Grunge style might seem like fashion chaos, but there is a method to the madness. Learn how to master the look.

Grunge clothes were key for creating the unkempt, casual vibe of the 1990s grunge era.

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The 1990s weren't the classiest decade of fashion. Things were downright grungy. That said, there were some successes in the world of grunge fashion.

Grunge is a style of music that began in the 90's and continues to be an influence today. With bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam at the helm, grunge became a phenomenon in the music industry.

Grunge clothes were key for creating the unkempt, casual vibe of the 1990s grunge era.

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