Getting Grunge Style

Grunge style calls to mind Kurt Cobain, grunge lead singer of Nirvana, circa 1992 - this is the spitting image of what the look is all about. Basically, you're focusing your energies on looking as if you're not trying too hard. Instead, you want to look like you're not trying at all. You are striving to look unkempt. Here's how to mimic the men's style.

  1. Roll out of bed and forget touching your hair. Hopefully your hair isn't too short, so you can rock the messy, dirty hair look. The grunge look works wonders on saving you prep time in the morning!
  2. Pull on your most tattered and ripped up pair of baggy jeans, preferably in a lighter stonewashed denim.
  3. Next, put on a natural off-white henley shirt.
  4. Throw on a dark-colored band tee, worn over the Henley to show off the coolest indie grunge band you know. You earn extra points if others have never heard of the band.
  5. Top it all off with a maroon plaid flannel button-down shirt - leave the shirt unbuttoned.
  6. For shoes, choose dark-colored Converse All-Stars or a pair of combat boots. Doc Martens are the truly authentic choice for footwear. 
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Grunge fashion brought the anti-fashion styles of the Pacific Northwest to fashionistas everywhere.

Grunge clothes were key for creating the unkempt, casual vibe of the 1990s grunge era.

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The 1990s weren't the classiest decade of fashion. Things were downright grungy. That said, there were some successes in the world of grunge fashion.

Grunge is a style of music that began in the 90's and continues to be an influence today. With bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam at the helm, grunge became a phenomenon in the music industry.

Grunge clothes were key for creating the unkempt, casual vibe of the 1990s grunge era.

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