Seattle's Best: Grunge Fashion Successes

When you think of the 1990s, the grunge movement likely comes to mind; the style of rock music and dreary attitude spawned a style all its own. There are many people who look back over the photos of themselves from that decade and want to throw such incriminating evidence away, but there actually were a few trends that weren't so cringe-worthy and have managed to stick around.

Chuck Taylors and Doc Martens
These 90s footwear staples have withstood the test of time and can still be seen on feet everywhere. Chucks come in every color of the rainbow and in high top or low styles. In the 90s, the rule of thumb was to make your Chucks as dirty as possible, and this idea has seemed to stick around.

Docs, similarly, are still seen on the feet of alternative types and the Hollywood elite, paired with cut-off denim shorts and tights.

No one rocked the flannel lumberjack shirt in the 90s like the boys of Nirvana, but this pattern is popping up everywhere in women's fashion. The Olsen twins are consistently seen sporting grungy oversized plaid shirts tucked into destroyed denim jeans cuffed at the bottom. Plaid shirt-dresses are also hugely popular, allowing you to achieve a careless fashion look that is completely fashion conscious.

Black Denim
Skinny jeans are currently one of the hottest trends; this started back at the beginning of grunge. Black denim was a staple for the anti-fashionistas and now acts as a flattering wardrobe must-have. In the 90s they were paired with those filthy Chuck Taylors, but they are today sexed up with the highest of stilettos.

Ray Bans
These super cool sunglasses are seen everywhere today and it wasn't much different in the early 90s. True, this style is one forever lined to the 1980s, but the grunge scene continued the look into the following decade. Now available in a plethora of colors, these shades were made popular again by the likes of Lauren Conrad and Orlando Bloom.

Oversized cardigans were used to embody nonchalance; these have since turned into a wardrobe staple. Paired with skinny jeans or tight tanks, cardigans are a classic and stylish clothing item that is also functional.

Beanies may have been used to ward off a chill in the grunge capital of Seattle in the 90s, but this slouchy hat makes for a cool accessory these days.  Worn loosely over tousled hair or pulled low over sleek locks, these versatile caps are worn in any type of weather and all year long.

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Grunge fashion brought the anti-fashion styles of the Pacific Northwest to fashionistas everywhere.

Grunge style might seem like fashion chaos, but there is a method to the madness. Learn how to master the look.

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Grunge clothes were key for creating the unkempt, casual vibe of the 1990s grunge era.

Grunge is a style of music that began in the 90's and continues to be an influence today. With bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam at the helm, grunge became a phenomenon in the music industry.

Grunge style might seem like fashion chaos, but there is a method to the madness. Learn how to master the look.

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