Hippie Era Fashion

Hippie era fashion is something that always comes up when people start talking wistfully of days gone by. There was something about the freedom and the sense of community in the hippie era that makes some folks long for the days when super long straight hair, fingers extended in a peace sign and bare feet under super-wide bell bottoms were the common dress of the day. The hippie era was a time when life was "groovy" and cute guys or gals were "far out." When it comes to the fashion of the hippie era, nearly anything could go - if your parents hated it, it was bound to be considered right in style.

Out There Fashion
Hippie era fashion was filled with influences from African, Middle Eastern and other ethnic trends. Nehru Jackets, caftans and loose flowing robes. Nehru jackets, with their stand-up collars and hip length, single-breasted tailoring, were the hippie era answer to the suit coat. They were stylish, comfortable and even endorsed by the Beatles.

Skirting the Issues
Other hippie era fashions included skirts. Minis were super stylish, but so were floor length maxi skirts. Floral granny dresses were popular, as were empire-waisted sequined numbers that sprouted exotic, funky sleeves. Women often bared their backs in halter dresses - this backless approach carried over to tops.

Flower Power
Psychedelic designs were popular, as were lots of flowers - especially daises. See through blouses made a statement - even more so when the wearer went bra-less. Silks, cottons, paisleys and frills were popular with both women and men.

Accessory Extravaganza
The hippie era was the time of the accessory. Leather vests, love beads, granny glasses with colored lenses, fringes, earrings, nose rings and ankle bracelets abounded. Peace signs, yin/yang and raised fists adorned jewelry as well as clothes.

The hippie era was a time when anything worked for fashion and these were some of the most popular highlights. If you're ready to go retro with hippie era fashion, get ready to have some fun with styles, colors and patterns - groovy, huh?

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