What Did Hippies Wear

What did hippies wear, back in the day? Although there is a resurgence in hippies fashion these days, are the current hippie styles the same as the original styles from the 1960s? You might be surprised to find how little things have changed in the world of hippies fashion.

There were many different components of hippies fashion in the 60s and 70s. Some of the biggest trends were tie dye anything, bell-bottom jeans, peace signs on clothing, jewelry, accessorizes and tattoos.

Accessories made a bohemian style statement truly hippie. Big felt hats with wide brims were wildly popular, as were scarves used as headbands, granny glasses, daisies, beads and big hoop earrings - in some cases five or six inches wide.

Hip- huggers were the real deal - the bigger the bell on the bottom, the better. Of course, you need to leave those feet bare unless you happen to have flat sandals, such as Birkenstocks, to slip onto your feet.

Dashikis were in with hippies fashion. Dashikis are big, loose fitting men's shirts; this West African-flavored garment can be ankle length for formal wear, but in hippies fashion, it is more likely to be shorter.

Of course, hippie fashion for the girls has got to include mini skirts and go-go boots. Go-go boots are typically vinyl, at least knee high and skin tight. For women, the heels can go tall, but teens' heels tended to stay a little lower.  Platform shoes were the guys alternative to the go-go boot - the platform might just have been 3 inches high or more. Not only did you have to be groovy to be a hippie - you also had to have some pretty impressive balance.

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For all its easy and flowing comfort, hippie fashion is all about the detail.

The hippie era brought to fashion a sense of breezy whimsy and comfort. The times were a-changin' - fashion was, too.

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