Famous Punk Rocker Hairstyles

Punk rocker hairstyles are commonly found in the younger crowd-teenagers and early twentysomethings. In most cases, the people showing off punk rock hair consider it one aspect of their overall punk look, accompanied by similar clothing, body art, taste in music and attitude. The goal of the punk rocker style is, after all, to make a statement, stand out and wow the crowds.

Famous icons who sport punk rocker dos include Kelly Osbourne, Avril Lavigne and the rockers from Good Charlotte.

The punk rocker look is notorious for its color. Regardless of the do, these hairstyles are popular in bright colors, such as pink, orange, green and purple. Color is a huge part of the punk hair look, so you'll want to be big and bold with your choices.  

Punk Rock Style
When it comes to rocking out punk style, it's all about individuality. The wilder the do, the more the individual stands out.

One of the more popular punk rock dos is the Mohawk. It can be colored or natural, spiked or laid flat. While guys tend to sport this do, punk rocker girls have also been known to try it out. Generally, when girls sport the Mohawk, they don't have a shaved scalp, but instead, a short cut. Guys tend to shave their scalps to better accentuate the Mohawk.

The spiked look is versatile. Both guys and girls can spike their hair-and not always in a Mohawk. Pink, for instance, is known to embrace a punk rock look, famous for pink or platinum spikes. Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, who also happens to be the father of Nicole Richie's children, is known for his jet black spiked hair. These dos are usually done up with strong hairstyling gels.

For girls and guys with long hair, the straight style is in, when it comes to punk rock style. A hair straightening iron can really flatten the hair-similar to Avril Lavigne's style. These straight styles are generally several lengths and sometimes are two toned colors. A common look is bleached blond with another color like pink or black. 

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