Girls Punk Hairstyles

If you are looking for great girls punk hairstyles, it helps to be as creative as possible. The best thing about punk looks is that you can have fun with every possible aspect, from the color to the volume and texture of your hair. Anything really does go when it comes to the punk scene and its hairstyles.

A classic female punk look that has never died out is the original spike look. To do this, you would take gel or paste and apply it to your hair in an upward motion, creating a spiked look. You can even dye the spikes different colors or play around with the coloring of your tips. The spike look is great for both long and short hair types-the more hair you have, of course, the more hair product you will need to make the spikes stay in place.

Colorful Layers
Today's punk looks are all about layers and colors. Try cutting the hair into layers and add lowlights of a dark shade, such as deep purples, reds and blues. Each of these colors are classic punk rock and perfect hair colors to use. And, of course, you really can not go wrong when it comes to dyeing your hair black. A great thing about punk hairstyles is that you do not have to worry about making your haircut symmetrical. In fact, punk looks are all about creating a jagged look with your layers. It's wise to experiment with asymmetrical layers at the back of your head or, if you're feeling particularly brave, even with your bangs.

For longer hair, take the time to play with bright highlights. This look is great for folks with dark hair who want to contrast this with lighter dyes. You can dye a single strand of dark hair blonde, or you can play around with pinks and light blues. This hairstyle is great for both straight and wavy hair types.

If you're talking about punk hairstyles, you have to consider the Mohawk or faux hawk. Punk is all about rebellion, and there's nothing more classic than the mohawk hairstyle. You can go all the way and shave the sides of your head, or you can simply take the middle sections of your hair and spike them up for a more business-friendly style. A blow dryer and hairspray helps keep this look in place. 

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