Mohawk Hair Styling

Mohawk hair has a distinctive style all unto its own. Today part of the punk culture, Mohawk hair goes back in time, harkening back to Native American culture. The Mohawk is an individual style, worn short, long, symmetrical or abstract, created to an individual's design at a hair salon.

The traditional Mohawk cut has shaven sides of the head with a strip of hair running down the middle of the head to the back of the neck. The strip varies and varies ranging from two to three inches in width.

Bihawk and Trihawk
Both of these cuts are the traditional Mohawk cut with the sides of the head shaven. Instead of one strip adorning the head, the wearer can have two or three strips, also known as fins, for volume and effect.

This style is more exaggerated and abstract. The hair is medium to long in length and backcombed and fully teased creating a style with plenty of volume. There is no symmetry to the style, as the hair flows in different directions.

This is a variation on the traditional Mohawk cut, one in which the head is shaven and the strip accompanied with bangs or fringe. This cut is popular as a style for girls.

With this cut, the sides of the head are not shaven or buzzed but cut short. The top is longer and with the use of styling products including gel, mousse and hair spray, the hair is fashioned into a Mohawk.

This style combines the Mohawk look with dreads. Pull the dreadlocks to the center of the head to create a strip using the dreads. Secure the hair with rubber bands or bobby pins to hold the locks in place.

Liberty Spikes
This cut resembles the crown on the Statue of Liberty. The hair is styled using strong spiking gel and hairspray to hold the individual spikes in place. Place the spikes along the strip, if the head has been shaven, or throughout the whole head area.

Altering a Mohawk style is a possibility if you use hair dye to color all or part of the hair in a single color or by using multiple colors and the side areas of the head are enhanced with designs or patterns shaven into very short hair that has been buzz cut.

Depending on the style type and the products used to keep it in place, some styles will last for several days and longer. Maintenance of the hair is important as the continued use of strong products along with teasing robs the hair of nutrients and cause drying and split ends. Use a good hair conditioner and oil treatment frequently to replenish your hair. 

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